Tuesday, October 26, 2010

JuSt LeT Me FaLL in LoVe

YoU LoOk So BeAuTiFuL iN My EyEs,
I aLsO CaN FeEL WhAt YoUR FeeL
My SoUL cAn FeeL YoUr SoUL
mY HeArt cAn FeeL yOur hEaRT BeaT

JuSt LeT Me Be WiTh YoU
AnD KeEp My FeELiNG AnD HoPe ToWaRds YoU
ThIs FeEL iS sO SiNcErE FaLL iN LoVE WiTh YoU
uNtiL i DiE

jUsT LeT Me FaLL iN LoVE
At My FiRsT SiGhT TowArDs YoU
WhEn We MeEt i TrY to SaY i LoVe YoU
EvenThoUgH YoU Not LoVe Me
JuSt Let Me FaLL iN LoVe WiTH yOu..


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CutE GiFtS


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