Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LoVe No RuLE

i Never Regret
coherent with my loyal
til the End of the JoUrNey
I need to Let YoU Go

But It shows I can fOrget You
Because My Love towards You so Strong
And YoU haVe YoU OwN reAsOn
To LeT Me Go

for LovE SaKe
I aLreAdY gaVe My HeaRt OnLy FoR YoU
i aWake my HonesTy iN each oF mY BreAtH

BecAuSe Of LoVe
I Let YoU diSsaPoinTeD Me
BeCaUsE i KnEw i CanT FoRcE YoU tO LoVe Me

WiSh u CaN UnDeRsTaNd Me
WhAt Is tRuE LoVe Is
BuT I rEaLiSeD
tHeRe'S No RuLe In LoVe


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CutE GiFtS


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