Monday, November 29, 2010

UnConDiTiOnAL LoVe

I wanna fall into you
And I wanna be everything
You want me to
But I'm not sure I know how
I lose faith and I lose ground
Then I see you and remember
Unconditional love

It doesn't matter what I say
'Cause it always seems you're taking
Me the wrong way
But if you could read my mind you'd see
I fight myself all the time
When I see you I surrender 
Unconditional love

Standing on a wilder shore
I got my head up in the clouds
I ain't got no sense of direction now

I wanna lie next to you 
And I wanna do everthing you want me to
Sometimes I wish at the sky
I imagine what the clouds look like
When I see you I remember

Unconditional Love....


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